Volume 93, Issue 71

Friday, February 4, 2000


Media presses candidates

Council investment lets the show go on

North America should go Euro

Library looks for new home

Sutton sets sights on strong leadership


Caught on campus

Media presses candidates

By Aaron Wherry
Gazette Staff

Western's presidential cowboys faced the media firing squad yesterday, with some interesting results.

Third-year political science student Dave Braun began the forum by commenting on the listenership of CHRW-FM 94.7. Asked to speak into the microphone, as the forum was being aired on Radio Western, Braun asked if anyone actually listened to the radio.

"I really didn't mean it as a cut to CHRW – it was my frustration with having to use a mic. I'm sorry, I'm not a regular listener but that's because I don't listen to [any] radio," Braun later clarified.

First-year honours business administration student Dave Brebner was asked what business he would remove from the University Community Centre to cut costs, if he had to eliminate one. "I don't think I'd want to cut anything out. I'd look to other areas first," he said.

The professionalism of Jeff Brown, a third-year English student, was also questioned. "For anyone who has attended the forums, they've seen I have been very serious," he said.

Referring to a naked picture of himself published in the Social Science Students' Council's The Social News, Brown said the photo was being blown out of proportion. "I probably had too much to drink that night. My ass isn't a big deal," he said.

Mitch Chiba, a fourth-year kinesiology student, said his approach to the need for campus green space was realistic. "I would like to take what we have and preserve it. I would like to build upwards, not outwards." He cited multi-level parking lots and building upon existing concrete as ways to achieve this.

Third-year political science student Fraser Connell, was called the "invisible candidate" and asked to address his absence at Wednesday's USC meeting and presidential forum.

"There are certain fundamentals in this campaign, such as printing up platform material. I was stuck at Kinko's [Copies] for seven and a half hours [Wednesday night]," he explained. "I got a late start. It's part ignorance on my part. I thought the campaign began in late February."

Fourth-year administrative and commercial studies student Neil Kapoor said students should have confidence in his ability to govern, despite past losses in Senate, Board of Governors and VP elections.

"I don't think it's a matter of not believing [in me]. I know during the last elections I haven't been able to do much campaigning. I lost by 11 votes [in the Senate election]. I know if I had campaigned more I would've won."

Ray Novak, a fourth-year political science student, addressed his political ties to the UWO Reform Club and explained his political background had nothing to do with USC elections. "Partisanship has no place in student government," Novak said.

Second-year biology student Luke Petrykowski, dodged a question regarding his sometimes rude behaviour towards students and fellow candidates. "I will not back off from my attack of the USC. We've got to take a stand and if I get criticized [for that] – fine," he said.

While Taylor Pressey, a fourth-year political science student, was asked few questions, he did elaborate on his concerns about gym services available to students. "It's not the most pressing issue but it is important. The gym equipment is in a dilapidated and decrepit state."

Jeff Sutton, a fourth-year ACS student was questioned about the sources of his platform ideas, including the issue of an online bookstore. Although he provided no numbers, he said students' knowledge of potential savings was his primary concern. "I don't think there's enough student knowledge out there. There are cheaper alternatives," he said.

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