Volume 93, Issue 71

Friday, February 4, 2000


Jackasses aplenty on prez campaign

Random notes from the trial

Jackasses aplenty on prez campaign

Re: "Moving at a snail's pace" Feb.1

To the Editor:
As an active and long-time member of the University Students' Council I almost always flip to your [editorial] and launch into a rage-filled tirade. But because of your comments Tuesday regarding the USC presidential race, I feel compelled to both agree with you and to extend the sentiment.

Let me be blunt in saying that this year's presidential campaign is an embarrassment to Western students and an affront to the USC. I would like to suggest that, contrary to published facts, there are really five candidates running in this election (who seem, despite low overall quiz scores, to have their hearts and minds in the right place for a shot at a very important position) and five distinctively moronic jackasses. Despite the overall apathy and general ignorance of the Western community, when it comes to student political matters, I have no doubt that the community at large will see the said leftover jackasses for the self-aggrandizing, popularity-seeking, rhetoric-spewing fools that they are.

To the candidates:

1. To those of you with ideas, understanding and motivation. GET YOUR MESSAGE OUT! We can't hear you.

2. To those of you who are using this election to improve your popularity, political message or stand-up act – GET OFF THE STAGE, you're damaging the process that you pretend to care so much about.

To Western:

VOTE! It takes effort, but choosing a candidate and influencing the outcome of this election WILL influence your life (if only in the wallet, at the very least). Put down the Cosmo, the playstation, or the beer, get to a computer terminal and (just fucking) VOTE!

To you (the editor):

Please continue to cover the elections accurately and comment insightfully. We know your frustration with the process, but appreciate the importance that you play in framing and communicating the debate.

Rory Capern
Ivey Representative to the USC
VP-University Affairs, Richard Ivey School of Business
Honours Business and Administration II

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