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Tuesday, February 8, 2000


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Research celebration attended by ministers

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Research celebration attended by ministers

By Heather Buchan
Gazette Staff

A banner unveiling presentation at the Allyn and Betty Taylor Library yesterday celebrated Western's excellence in research and recognized the participation of 14 Western researchers in the Premier's Research Excellence Awards.

The purple and yellow banner was presented by Jim Wilson, Minister of Energy, Science and Technology and Dianne Cunningham, Minister of Training, Colleges and Universities. Western president Paul Davenport was also in attendance.

Davenport said last term, the researchers were each awarded $100,000 from the Ontario government and $50,000 from the university, to be used towards hiring graduate students to join research teams. Western faculty members were not the sole recipients of this prestigious award, he said, adding money was given to researchers from universities across Ontario.

In a brief speech congratulating the award recipients, Wilson said Western's researchers were quickly becoming distinguished for their prestigious work throughout Canada and the world. "May this be a permanent reminder of the excellent research at this university to all who pass here," Wilson said, referring to the banner.

David Holdsworth, a researcher in the department of diagnostic radiology and nuclear medicine and recipient of the award, said he was pleased to be able to support graduate students. "I think it's terrific," he said. "The award allows us to securely fund grad students for at least three years, although the money can be thinned out over five years."

Davenport said the outstanding work displayed by Western will hopefully only get better. "We live in a knowledgeÐbased economy where our future wealth is based on research that comes out of universities," he said. "This is a very proud day for Western and we are very grateful to the ministers for coming."

Cunningham reiterated the importance of research to the overall success of Canada. "This will be the generation that is going to change things for this great country that we live in," she said. She added the purpose of the presentation was to recognize the outstanding contributions made by researchers.

The money awarded to Western serves to strengthen research laboratories on campus, Davenport said. Before the ministers and researchers headed off for a tour of Western's facilities, Davenport praised the program and the recipients. "Today is a celebration of research excellence."

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