Volume 93, Issue 72

Tuesday, February 8, 2000


Paper a hindrance on president

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Paper a hindrance on president

Re: Gazette Comics Feb. 4

To the Editor:
Congratulations! Last Friday's comics section contained yet another laborious and brutally childish attack on fraternities. Once again The Gazette has proven it's total disregard for a large portion of the student body.

To think that people at Western actually pay their student dollars to see that kind of nonsense is horrible. I recognize that you will not publish any article that actually sheds light on the indecency of The Gazette (as is evident by the absence of my recent letter concerning Colin Butler's journalism) but I would at least like some sort of response – either to justify the poor taste of The Gazette or to apologize for it (though I'm sure the former will be the case).

I'd like you to take something into consideration. People choose to pay for fraternities. They recognize that these organizations can aid them in their pursuits and choose to become a part of them. The Gazette does not aid me in my pursuits, it hinders me constantly. I choose to pay for The Gazette to function as a result of my attendance at this school. The money is expected from me.

Now how, with a straight face, can a publication funded by the dollars of its peers constantly attack said peers for choosing where their money will go?

Your publication suggested that joining a fraternity is something that will make you lose respect – well, I suggest that what is more disrespectful is to use one's money in an attempt to publicly humiliate them.

Shame on The Gazette. For all the years that I have attended this fine school it has time and again attempted to belittle my choices with a blind eye and the ignorant tongue of the uniformed.

Despite the fact this school has given me a degree, I will never consider sending my alumni donations to an institute that allows a publication of such little journalistic integrity to function on its campus.

Michael J. Sveinson
President, Pi Kappa Alpha
Philosophy IV

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