Volume 93, Issue 73

Wednesday, February 9, 2000


Public library moves to mall

New degrees fall under community microscope

Gay meds face classroom barriers

No cheering as hackers shut down internet search engine

HRDC grant money questioned


Back Asswards

Caught on campus


Single mom support

Stressed-out single mothers attending Western will soon have a support group to call their own.

The group, an initiative of the Student Development Centre, will hold its first weekly meeting on Friday, said Coleen Dobbin, co-ordinator of the program.

Dobbin said she hoped the group could alleviate the alienation single moms often feel by putting them in touch with each other to share their experiences.

"I'd like them to get the sense that there are other people on campus like them, who are facing the same challenges," she said.

–Mike Murphy

A legal eagle

A Western professor emeritus was recently awarded a prestigious provincial law medal.

Gerald Fridman, of the faculty of law, was awarded the 1999 David Walter Mundell Medal for Distinguished Contributions to Letters and Law, said Albert Oosterhoff, Western's acting dean of the faculty of law.

Oosterhoff said Fridman had an illustrious teaching career and came to Western in 1975. He added Fridman had often been published and frequently cited in courts, which is a criteria for the award.

"The award is designed to [reward] someone who has served the profession and the public," Oosterhoff said, adding the medal was presented to Fridman in late January.

"[This award] is very well merited," he said, adding this was the first time in recent years a Western professor has won the award.

–Leena Kamat

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