Volume 93, Issue 73

Wednesday, February 9, 2000


Touching everyone

SLB was not very friendly

Touching everyone

To the Editor:
The time has come again for another University Students' Council presidential election. And as with years past, this time of year always highlights the apathy of the students at Western.

As someone who was involved with the USC for most of my years at Western, I can assure you that there is nothing more frustrating than watching most students walk by a polling booth without so much as a look – without so much as a care.

Western students, wake up! I dare you to find someone who has not been touched by the services, events and hard work of the USC. Have you ever stepped into the Wave or the Spoke, gone to Western Film or the Charity Ball, used the Westernizer or the Income Tax Clinic, participated in O-week or the dozens of University Community Centre events that go on every year?

Have you ever bought a plant at the atrium plant sale, taken a course at Charlie Brown University, been a member of one of the hundreds of campus clubs, gone to Homecoming or the Fine Arts Festival, cared about Shinerama, the Terry Fox Run, the United Way or countless other charities, bought or sold a book at the Used Bookstore, worried if someone would help you fight rising tuition or obtain enough financial aid? If you have used any other of the stores or services offered in the UCC, or done any of these things, then the University Students' Council has affected you!

Where do you think these things come from? They come from thousands of hours of dedicated and often unappreciated work by your fellow students. And these things may not go on forever, if the USC decides that students just don't care.

So snap out of your apathetic slumber and give back to those who have given you so much. Make a statement, become aware, listen to a candidate, or become involved.

At least try to show that you care, even a little bit.

Diana Holec
BA Honours Psychology, 1999

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