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Wednesday, March 18, 1999


Get it right before you write

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Get it right before you write

Re: "A unified, Canadian student voice?" Dec. 8

To the Editor:

It is very discouraging that someone as educated as Richard S. Telfer, Vice-President Academic of the Society of Graduate Students, does not yet seem to appreciate the need to gather evidence before coming to a conclusion.

Mr. Telfer suggests the "[University Students' Council] executive and the undergraduate senators have a partisan agenda of their own," in regards to the Access 2000 campaign he advocates.

I am one of these 14 undergraduate senators who he paints with his careless and overly broad brush strokes. In fact, this letter was the first many of us senators had heard of the Access 2000 campaign – yet Mr. Telfer implies myself and the 13 other senators are already pursuing our own agenda against his pet project.

I am amazed by my own devious ability to conspire against something I didn't even know existed. I very much resent being told by someone whom I have never met, what my motives are in regards to a proposal of which I have never heard. If Mr. Telfer's tactics are of the sort that the Canadian Federation of Students condones, I can understand why the USC is hesitant to associate itself with an organization which sanctions such unfounded accusations.

I am keeping my mind open in regards to Mr. Telfer's project – next time, however, I would very much appreciate Mr. Telfer making his presentation to me before he accuses me of being prejudiced against it. Next time, please collect your facts before making accusations.

Michael Curry
Undergraduate Senator-at-Large
Medicine & Dentistry II

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