Volume 93, Issue 58

Thursday, January 13, 2000


Fan club gets first member

Time to smile and kiss babies

Fan club gets first member

Re: "Naughty or nice? The definitive list" Dec. 8

To the Editor:

Please pardon my fan mail, but whenever I feel all nostalgic while at my university far, far away and I want to find out what's going on at my old alma mater, I surf on over to The Gazette online.

This year, most of my amusement seems to stem from Aaron Wherry's hilarious articles about the way he sees things. And his Dec. 8 holiday article was no exception. It was great to see mention of superstar University Students' Council VP-campus issues Perry "Elvis" Monaco being one of the people listed as "nice" because of his outspoken nature and sense of humour. Damn right, both are very important things to have in his line of work.

Alas, Perry can't win them all and Wherry gives him a naughty vote for having a wee tantrum. But why is it such a bad thing for him to lose his temper during a council meeting? Anyone who can sit through a USC meeting without losing their temper just can't be paying attention!

Unfortunately, Aaron neglected to give props to Perry's knack for sniffing out hot garbage, arguably the most important reason why he is the true king of campus issues. That and I even read about him in my campus newspaper at Ryerson, proving that Elvis is truly everywhere.

Keep those articles coming Wherry and I'll never stop laughing. Oh, and remember, Perry is the best VP-campus issues there is, was and ever will be! Nice!

Peter Hill
Bachelor of Arts '98

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