Volume 93, Issue 58

Thursday, January 13, 2000


Fan club gets first member

Time to smile and kiss babies

Time to smile and kiss babies

Well, Y2K turned out to be a tremendous amount of hype, with little in the way of actual results. More than a year of build up for a whole lot of nothing. I spent my whole vacation trying to think of something to which it could be compared. Something which generated so much talk, analysis and B.S., only to leave us feeling unsatisfied and conned. But, alas, I could find nothing comparable.

In any event, on to our next topic – the upcoming University Students' Council presidential elections. With the elections now less than a month away, hopeful student leaders are preparing their campaign teams and plotting their path to glory.

With nominations still open until Jan. 21, none of these thoroughbreds can actually be declared "officially" in the race. Of course, that doesn't prevent a sneak peek at the names that might be on your election ballot come Feb. 9. It's about time the talk on the third floor brought down to the students.

While all of these names are subject to change and additions will surely be made to this list, consider this a preliminary look at who will be begging for your votes in a few short weeks.

Earlier in the year, senator-at-large Jeffrey Clayman, King's councillor Mike Werenich and USC orientation officer Jessica St. Peters were all pegged as possible candidates by the USC pundits and sources close to the situation. But as the election has approached, the buzz surrounding these names has died down. Never say never, though.

Those left to head the list are UWO Reform Club president Ray Novak, former USC councillor and runner in last year's presidential election Joe Hammill, former social sciences councillor Jeff Sutton, science councillor Graham Heaton, student senator Dave Braun, O-staff member Rob Hemington, Homecoming commissioner Neil Kapoor and USC Speaker Dave Braun. All in all, a fairly respectable list which should make for an interesting election.

Given this preliminary list, there is (at least) one glaring problem – the extreme lack of estrogen in said list. If the rumours do prove to be accurate, the 2000 election will be the completion of a disturbing trend, which has seen fewer and fewer female candidates over recent years.

Another thing this list could really use is a "wild card." A nominee who bucks tradition and makes things interesting – a Warren Tilston or a Perry Monaco, if you will.

Maybe now that some of the potential competition is out in the open, more of the "common people" will be inclined to challenge the USC status quo. If not, I may have to run. And none of us want that, now do we?

Of course, just when we appear headed for another boring, unfulfilling election, the unexpected occurs. For instance, USC president SzeJack Tan and VP-campus issues Perry Monaco have picked up nomination forms. Not with the intention of actually running though. Confused? Don't worry, it's not supposed to make sense, it's the USC.

Possibly a move to scare off weak-kneed contenders, possibly just a move to stir up shit, in the end they might not be able to win even if they did run.

All this talk inclines one to believe there will be lots of action come the last week of January. But then again, we made a similar assumption with the Y2K bug too, didn't we?

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