Volume 93, Issue 59

Friday, January 14, 2000


What he can do, she can do too

Phraternities are phun phur all

What he can do, she can do too

Re: "Romantic advice for the lovelorn" Jan. 12

To the Editor:

"Why can't love be simple?" Melissa Johari asks in her letter. "Why is it so hard to meet that special someone?"

Unhesitatingly, Melissa proceeds to answer the very questions she poses. She argues that men have it easy and only have to ask in order to be granted a date. There are a variety of ways for a man to introduce himself to an eligible woman and she proceeds to go through a few of the basic ones. Taking notes, brothers?

I applaud this attitude. Many a happy couple have met with the time-honoured query: "Don't I know you from somewhere?"

My criticism is with the implicit assumption that only men have the prerogative to initiate the dating process. I find this attitude extremely sexist. Why can't women ask men out on dates? Do men inherently have some special quality that allows them to initiate conversations with the opposite sex? Of course not!

I argue that women have equal opportunity to break the ice with men and should take every chance to do so. So introduce yourselves. Pay a compliment or two. Wink, cough, lick your lips, whatever. It's that easy, ladies! I know of very few single men who would refuse a date, if asked.

The next time you spy an attractive potential companion, don't sit passively by and wait to be asked out. What are you waiting for, gender equality to come around by itself? Seize the day! Try it out – I dare you. What have you got to lose?

Holm Bradwell
English III

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