Volume 93, Issue 59

Friday, January 14, 2000


Western basketball teams win the battle of Waterloo

Mustangs helped prepare juniors

1999 headlines revisited

1999 headlines revisited

Welcome back.

Yes, welcome back to the wonderful world of sports. The three week break has been chock full of athletic ups and downs – and what better way to get caught up than a run down of the last three weeks?

Atlanta Braves pitcher John Rocker, one question – what were you thinking? In the playoffs, Rocker admittedly was a breath of fresh air to fall classic. Competitiveness is one thing, but the season has been over for months. Hey Rocker, the Redneck association just called, even they have revoked your membership.

From one mental lapse we move to another and find Rae Carruth of the Carolina Panthers, who was recently charged with the murder of his former girlfriend. Let's see if I can get the mind set of Carruth straight – I'm young, I play a game and get paid millions of dollars. I'm also a superstar in a premier football league. Oh, that's right, I haven't fulfilled the murder portion of my contract yet.

Moving on, we saw our national pastime hit another low as the Canadian juniors failed to bring home the golden goods for the third consecutive year. The national team captured bronze in a competition dominated by Europe once again. With little to no funding for hockey Canada and an overall shift in skill fundamentals, I think Canada's perch atop world hockey domination is in danger of falling. Sniff.

Doug Flutie led the Buffalo Bills to the playoffs this season – in a wild card spot in the American Football Conference and also found himself sitting beside Ed the helmet guy. Forward pass or no forward pass, the Bills sealed their fate by benching the best thing that ever happened to cereal flakes.

Away from the negatives, Vince Carter is putting both the Toronto Raptors and basketball in Canada on the map by lighting up the two biggest basketball markets in America over the break – namely New York and Los Angeles.

ESPN picked Carter as the future of the National Basketball Association and the American media has adopted him as the second coming of his airness, Michael Jordan. The only thing which remains to be seen, is if the Great White North and the "mighty" loonie will be able to hold onto this rising star. Unfortunately, me thinks otherwise.

Finally, probably the biggest headline of the past three weeks, one that has baffled the sports world media – why didn't the world end?

I mean, come on, computers can't read four digit dates. Hello? Where are the falling airplanes, where's the nuclear disaster? The real question is what am I going to do with all the canned goods and bottled water I stock piled? Oh well, long live sports!

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