Volume 93, Issue 60

Tuesday, January 18, 2000


Romantic advice for the romance advisor

Grand chasm can be filled with truthfulness

Romantic advice for the romance advisor

Re: "Romantic advice for the lovelorn" Jan.12

To the Editor:
I have seen a lot of amazing things on this planet in my 22 years of life, but I have never been so confounded as when I read the inquiry made by Melissa Johari – "Why can't a guy just walk up to a girl he thinks is attractive and ask her out?"

The answer is so elementary that I feel embarrassed to be stating the blatantly obvious to such a wide audience. You hardly need a degree in rocket science (though I'm perfectly aware that a degree in rocket science doesn't actually exist) to understand why the majority of males are hesitant to approach women they don't know. However, if this concept escapes even a third-year honours student, then perhaps it's pertinent for me to take the time to enlighten the masses.

The concept I speak of is called "rejection" and it is essentially the reason that the humble author of this letter has basically stopped asking out the young women who attend this university. Ms. Johari made the comment that she "[doesn't] know any girls who would turn down a man who asked her out."

I can think of three possible reasons for this:

A) She doesn't know many girls.

B) She's an extremely poor judge of character.

C) She made this comment in a mean-spirited attempt to encourage the male students to start asking out the female students, knowing full well they'd only be rejected, thereby providing her with a source of free entertainment for her sick sense of humour.

In conclusion, I'd like to point out that it would be really cool if our university offered degrees in rocket science.

Mike Setey
Arts III

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