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Wednesday, January 19, 2000


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USC to vote on type of campaign

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Bass Ackwards

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USC to vote on type of campaign

By John Intini
Gazette Staff

Tonight the University Students' Council will decide tonight the best way to spread the word regarding price changes to the bus pass before the spring referendum.

Council must decide how to provide students with facts about the $16 increase to next year's London Transit Commission's student bus pass. There are two options permitted by the USC by-laws – a yes/no campaign or an information-based campaign, said USC VP-campus issues, Perry Monaco.

"The by-laws give council an option since the USC does not have a vested financial interest in the outcome of the referendum question," Monaco said.

A yes/no campaign requires two separate campaigns. An information-based campaign is designed to present unbiased facts about price, use and other pertinent statistics, by fully providing information through student media outlets and posters, Monaco said.

"The bus pass question only has one issue – the price," said Matt Kelleher, legal affairs officer for the USC.

Before the cost associated with a yes/no campaign can be decided, council must first vote on whether or not a $1,200 cap should be kept on presidential election campaigns, Monaco said.

This cap is important because, according to the by-laws, each side of a yes/no campaign can spend up to 100 per cent of the amount allowed for presidential campaigns, Kelleher said.

If the presidential campaign limit passes, the currently worded motion would allow the yes/no campaigns a total budget of $2,400, Kelleher added.

Social sciences councillor Sabrina Anzini said the key is to find the best way to clearly provide students with the facts. "As long as the method gets the information students need, it doesn't matter which one we go with."

In a separate motion, council will also vote on whether to implement online voting for all USC administered elections, including this spring's presidential election.

USC VP-finance Derrick Taub said the success of the fall Senate and Board of Governors online elections was the reason for wanting to incorporate the process into all USC run elections.

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