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Wednesday, January 19, 2000


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USC to vote on type of campaign

Fraternity falls victim to prank

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Bass Ackwards

Caught on campus

Fraternity falls victim to prank

By Stephanie Cesca
Gazette Staff

Fraternity members at Western were left fuming earlier this week, after an illegitimate poster was tagged up throughout campus defaming them and sorority members.

Graham Singh, public relations officer of the Interfraternity Council at Western, the body which organizes fraternities, said he received complaints about an inappropriate poster pinned up by Lambda Chi Alpha which advertised a wet T-shirt contest. Singh said this poster was produced and distributed, however, by another individual or group of individuals as a cruel and inappropriate prank.

Singh said the poster featured photographs of two sorority members who were to compete in this so-called contest. "It's really demeaning to two specific individuals. This is not the kind of thing we condone. Everybody's pretty upset."

Although the IFC does not have any specific suspects in mind, Singh said the perpetrators could be anyone – either in or out of the fraternity and sorority systems at Western.

Yassin Saleh, president of Lambda Chi Alpha, said although he was certain fraternity and sorority members would recognize the poster, he said he was concerned other students would not.

"I think it's disgusting. It's pretty degrading to women. Somebody obviously has too much time on their hands. Whoever did this has really no idea about what fraternities are all about."

Mark Wellington, general manager of InPrint, which governs Western's Poster Patrol, said the posters were never approved and were all taken down within an hour of being discovered. "My understanding was they were all throughout campus," he said, adding at least 50 posters were collected.

"We have absolutely no information about who did this. If we knew who it was, we'd go after them for clean up fees, for fines and for whatever else we could throw at them."

Singh explained if a fraternity member or group was found guilty of the deed, a fine, suspension, or even expulsion from the IFC were all possible punishments.

Sgt. Chuck Decher of the University Police Department said the UPD had not received a complaint about the posters, adding they would have to be viewed before they commenced an investigation into the matter.

Perry Monaco, VP-campus issues for the University Students' Council, said he was pleased with the way in which the IFC handled the situation. "They were very caring, very accommodating."

Monaco added he thought the prank was unfortunate, however he did not believe anyone was overly harmed by it.

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