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Thursday, Janurary 20, 2000


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DJ Rap still has a lot to learn

Grand play conquers audiences

Fur Packed keep warm with laughter

Fur Packed keep warm with laughter

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By Luke Rundle
Gazette Staff

Most people from Newfoundland are probably sick and tired of having jokes made after them. St. John's punk rockers Fur Packed Action, however, seem to invite fans to have a good time at their expense.

"We like to laugh and just basically have good times," says the unfortunately monikered bassist/vocalist Geoff "Smug Bastard" Younghusband. "That's really why we started, because we just like to get together and make each other laugh. We're not clowns, you know. We don't want to go out in front of the crowd and do stupid things to make them laugh at us. We aim to laugh with the audience all together."

With their blended rock/pop/hip-hop/punk style combined with humorous lyrical choices, it's difficult not to find the band inherently comical. Try to maintain a serious composure when confronted with songs like "Employee Of The Month" and one will realize resistance is futile. Imagine similarly off-the-wall bands such as Chixdiggit, the Hanson Brothers and the Barenaked Ladies and one can gauge the hilarity inherent in FPA's style.

"I think there's a few bands out there that know how to be serious with a sense of humour," Younghusband says. "I think most punk bands have a little bit of that to their stuff. I mean, you listen to Black Sabbath and you can't help but laugh. Basically, we're a fun, punky rock band with a little rap thrown in and a few break-your-heart kind of love songs."

The year 1998 saw band members Younghusband, Jody "Chuck Art" Richardson (guitars/vocals) and Barry "Dude Fancy" Newhook (drums/vocals) release their debut, the dull THUD of fur, which had a resonating impact on college radio playlists. Its success propelled the group into a much higher echelon amongst the East Coast music scene and garnered the band two award nominations at the soon-to-be televised East Coast Music Awards.

Currently, the band has just finished preliminary work on the feature film The Bingo Robbers, written by Newhook himself. Much of the movie's footage is also in the process of being shaped into the band's first music video from dull THUD, "Everything Else." With so many different irons in the fire, one wonders whether all the alternate projects have affected their primary goal – making music.

"I think it's really involved the music," Younghusband agrees. "But really, all of life's experiences influence each other, no matter what you do. I think it's most exciting when those different areas of life cross over into one another."

As for Bingo Robbers' progress, Younghusband remains quite thrilled with the band's virgin foray into the cinematic realm. The Movie Network has already bought first-screening rights and CBC has also expressed interest in airing it. "Hopefully, we've got a pretty entertaining movie on our hands," he laughs. "The whole plot to the movie is that this crew of thieves pull off this series of corner store burglaries in one night, with the ultimate goal of stealing the jackpot of this 24 hour bingo at the end of the night."

Plans to record a followup effort to dull THUD are being tossed around, but remain sketchy at best. "Most of the stuff is written [for the new album], some of it is demoed, but there's really been no hardcore plans to record," Younghusband explains. "We've got a few projects still on the go, like a track to be demoed with Ian Blurton. There's loose plans to release an album in the fall, if we can get some recording done by the early summer."

However, the real focus behind the Fur Packed Action plan is not wealth or power, but merely rocking the crowd to within an inch of their lives. "We're a band that wants you to get up and shake your butts on the dance floor. We're always entertaining. That's really all that we're about, just having a good time."

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