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Wednesday, March 18, 1999


Volleying the ball with Campbell

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Volleying the ball with Campbell

By Sean Maraj
Gazette Staff

Campbell, she's good for the volleyball soul.

Her name is Bridget Campbell, she's an outside hitter and she's the co-captain of the undefeated women's volleyball team.

Campbell, who hails from Georgetown, Ontario, is currently a third-year sociology student. She has been a starter on the women's team for three years and was named a captain last year.

Caught on a rare off-night, Campbell was more than happy to talk about her volleyball escapades. She's been playing the sport since she was in Grade 8 at the club level and despite all that time, she found it hard to point out one specific favourite moment.

"Winning the Ontario University Association championship in first year. When I played with the provincial team and we went to Cuba," she decided, picking the first moments that came to her mind.

Campbell said her decision to pick up volleyball was partly to try doing something new and more challenging.

"I had been running track and I didn't like the fact that I was alone. I like a team oriented and skill oriented sport. I just really enjoy being part of a team," she said.

Campbell pointed to her parents as being the most influential people in her life and said their support was pivotal in helping her be successful.

"I'm lucky to have parents who encourage me in everything I do. My dad went to almost all of my club games," she said. "My mom doesn't always come because she thinks she's bad luck. She came to the [Ontario Federation of School Athletic Association] championships and waited in the hallway."

Campbell said fellow captain Marnie Simpson was her biggest influence on the court. She explained Simpson was helpful in her development as a player, especially in her first year.

"I look up to Marnie a lot, when I first stepped on the court with fifth year players, it was pretty intimidating – I learned a lot from her," she said.

As for what she brings to the team, Campbell was modest and tended to point out parts of her game she wants to improve on and her intensity level.

"Part of it is the excitement I bring to the team. My ball control has improved a lot since first year and I'm learning to put in more shots," she said.

Western head coach Dean Lowrie agreed that Campbell is an exciting player, with well-rounded skills.

"Her leadership is off the court. She's a little bit quiet when she's on the court – she gets down to business. She has a good attack, she's just an all around package," Lowrie said.

Simpson added another one of Campbell's strengths is her levity. "She brings consistency and good leadership skills. She's been a starter since first year and she's had to fight injuries. In all that time, she always helped when she wasn't playing," Simpson said. "She's hilarious, she keeps the team in stitches – she's a great person to be friends with."

Campbell, who hopes to one day be a lawyer, isn't planning to pursue volleyball as a career, but didn't think she would give it up entirely. The thing she said she would miss the most when she finally leaves Western would be her teammates.

"I enjoy being part of a team and working at something. I don't know if I'll be playing when I'm done, but I'll probably dabble [on] the beach."

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