Volume 93, Issue 64

Tuesday, January 25, 2000


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Choclair a sweet live experience

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Choclair a sweet live experience

When Choclair performed at the Wave last Thursday for the second time in two years, things were much different in comparison to his last visit – the crowd was about triple the previous number, the audience was eager and the performance was both professional and polished.

The first group of Torontonians to hit the stage were Mathematik and his recent counterpart, Dub-Ill. Although many concert-goers were not familiar with Mathematik or his repertoire, they nonetheless seemed to feel his vibe.

He performed a handful of tracks from his recently released LP, Ecology, including the underground favourites "Rhyme Trainin'" and "Following Goals."

Next to hit the stage were Kardinal Offishall and Solitaire who, like Choclair, are members of the hip-hop crew called "The Circle." These two lit up the place and livened the crowd with their uncanny ability.

The duo performed some of Offishall's greatest hits, including "On Wit Da Show" and his newest single, the much-hyped "Hustlin.'" The pair's stage presence and unbelievable aptitude to interact with the audience turned the floor upside down. Just when the audience couldn't get any louder, out came the man himself to start the main set.

Choclair performed many tracks from his new LP, Ice Cold and even threw in some older singles, such as "What It Takes" and "Just A Second."

Although most of his music was well received by the crowd, many fans were waiting to hear one song in particular. Of course, they were not disappointed when Choclair started the countdown which led to a catchy loop signalling the start of the hit single, "Lets Ride."

All in all, the turnout and energy of Choclair's audience were a good indication that Canadian hip-hop has finally made an indelible mark within the industry, which will hopefully continue to flourish. With any luck the troop will be back again soon, but this time to promote Kardinal's album instead.

–Kaley O'Neill

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