Volume 93, Issue 64

Tuesday, January 25, 2000


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Theft highlights slow crime week



Caught on campus

Theft highlights slow crime week

By John Intini
Gazette Staff

Campus vending machines suffered from a few people with fancy fingers last week.

In fact, five finger discounts seemed to be contagious around campus as a number of vending machines were broken into and damaged. "It's a concern for people working in buildings, for both their own safety and to help in reporting the crimes," said Const. Wendy McGowan of the University Police Department.

According to McGowan, including the finger work, there were only 123 occurrences last week which made for a relatively slow time on the crime front.

On Thursday afternoon, a male was arrested for theft outside the BookStore in the University Community Centre's basement. The student was seen concealing a book in his jacket by another patron. After a short struggle with store security, the male was found to have three other stolen books in his possession. The total of the four books amounted to $122.15. The male has been charged with theft not exceeding $5,000 and will be required to appear in court, McGowan said.

On Wednesday, two unattended gym bags were reported stolen from outside the squash courts at Alumni Hall. McGowan said students should be warned about leaving valuables hanging around. "When there is an opportunity, they'll walk," she said.

That same day, McGowan said a fire crew responded to an alarm at Beaver Hall which was later found to be caused by smoke which had resulted from a firecracker.

An unsuccessful attempt to break into the Nucleus Café at the Natural Sciences Centre was reported to the UPD on Thursday as well as the theft of a red Polo jacket on Saturday from the Allyn and Betty Taylor Library, she said.

On Saturday, the UPD also responded to the Social Sciences Centre after a report of suspicious people in the building. The severity of the issue was heightened based on the report the people possessed firearms. It was later revealed the persons were taking a course in firearms safety and had rented space out in the building.

The UPD is still looking for any information in regards to a number of fires that were set at Saugeen-Maitland Hall last week. "There is a concern of potential injury," McGowan said, asking any one with information to come forward.

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