Volume 93, Issue 64

Tuesday, January 25, 2000


Fraternity friendship at what cost?

What's in the water at Brescia?

Smokers unite - fight the power

Smokers, shut up - no need to whine!

What's in the water at Brescia?

To the Editor:

We, as loyal Gazette readers, have noticed an alarming trend – you discriminate against clouds! Every picture of a cloud in your paper frowns. We feel this is wrong – we know many friendly clouds.

We are with the National Committee Against the Discrimination of Weather and our recent surveys have shown that 99 per cent of clouds do not frown. Perhaps you have met some bad seeds from the cloud community but believe us, they are the minority.

Most clouds are happy with their job and they do it well, while having a great relationship, contrary to popular belief, with the sun. Your discrimination hurts the clouds.

They don't understand why people think badly of them. One day, a baby cloud asked us why. We didn't know what to say. It broke our hearts. So, we decided to do something about it. We ask you to please, stop this. Can't we all just live together?

Beckie Laskey
Arts I
Amber Harrison
Arts II

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