Volume 93, Issue 56

Wednesday, January 26, 2000


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Get movin' to the back

Get movin' to the back

To the Editor:
Do people want the bus to tilt forward? Is their only desire to see the front end of the bus slide along the road on their way home?

I have asked myself this question numerous times over the last few weeks while riding the no. 2 Dundas bus. I have this inquiry due to the alarming number of people who, when faced with having to stand on the bus ride home, merely walk to the middle door and stop. An example of this came the other day when I was "lucky" enough to find a seat near the front of the bus on my way home.

By the time I was getting off, I had to force my way through 12 people to make it to the door. At that time, I thought the bus was full – until I got a side view of the bus. I could see that the back was empty except for those seated.

I couldn't believe that so many people had been so inconsiderate as to not move to the back. Could people please be more courteous and not make others suffer the effects of being crammed so tightly, they can't even move?

Next time you get on the bus and have to stand, don't stop halfway, KEEP MOVING BACK!

Scott Bridge
Administrative and Commercial Studies III

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