Volume 93, Issue 66

Thursday, January 27, 2000


Heaton drops from USC prez race

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Failed talks spart protest at U of T

Study reveals new HIV concerns

MP has his Day on campus

Braun to introduce "beef boards"

Brebner takes logical approach



Caught on campus

Heaton drops from USC prez race

By Paul-Mark Rendon
Gazette Staff

The sprint to become Western's University Students' Council president just lost one competitor.

After the first day of campaigning, third-year scholar's electives student Graham Heaton's withdrawal from the race reduced the list of presidential hopefuls to eleven.

Heaton said he handed in his formal letter of withdrawal yesterday to the USC's election team.

"He indicated to us [at Tuesday's all-candidate's meeting] he was thinking about his candidacy," said Matt Kelleher, legal affairs officer for the USC, explaining Heaton was still thinking about whether or not to undertake the campaign.

Heaton said although his election team tried to talk him out of the decision, the prospect of running an unprepared campaign was what finally put him out of the race.

"[My decision] was based mostly on getting my priorities straight. I didn't want to put school on the back burner and there was a lot of stuff I needed to take care of," he said.

From the outset, Heaton said he questioned whether his heart was in the right place and whether he was ready to commit the large amount of time necessary for a presidential campaign. "I guess you could characterize my initial decision as having a lot of ambition and not enough passion," he said.

He added he would now focus on his initial goal of medical school. Despite the amount of time he had already put into forming an election platform and organizing a campaign team, Heaton said he had not yet incurred any financial losses.

The campaigning, which continues until midnight on Feb. 8, will now continue with Heaton on the outside looking in. "I pretty much feel it's going to come down to three guys," he said, adding he has decided not to endorse any of the remaining candidates.

SzeJack Tan, current USC president, said given the amount of time required to run a presidential campaign, Heaton's decision to drop out of the race was a good one. "It is a big time commitment. I wouldn't be surprised if a couple more dropped out," he said.

"You can definitely get caught up in it all and end up doing really badly in school," Tan said.

"I took the 12 [candidates] aside and said this is a great position to run for, but it's not worth failing out of school over."

Heaton added he was still keeping his eyes on the presidential prize. "I'm not ruling out the option of running next year," he said.

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