Volume 93, Issue 66

Thursday, January 27, 2000


Heaton drops from USC prez race

Default rate shows decline

Failed talks spart protest at U of T

Study reveals new HIV concerns

MP has his Day on campus

Braun to introduce "beef boards"

Brebner takes logical approach



Caught on campus

Brebner takes logical approach

By Aaron Wherry
Gazette Staff

David Brebner is looking to stir up a little dust in the wild, wild West and with a wealth of experience on the Western frontier, he said he is ready for some presidential showdowns.

The University Students' Council's promotions commissioner and first-year honours business administration student will not be fighting with pistols and six-shooters. Instead, Brebner will use his secret weapon – logic.

"I'm lucky with the education I have received and the experience I have – it allows me to step back and look at things logically," he said.

Much of this experience comes from his time overseas in Switzerland and France on exchange programs, he said. "Living abroad allows you to better understand people."

This understanding has helped him to pinpoint a few major issues facing the Western cowfolk.

"I'm not every student, but from talking to students, tuition is an obvious concern," he said. "Tuition is always going to rise, but hopefully we can plan and assemble resources such as grants, bursaries and scholarships."

Also high on his list was the looming double cohort and the exact wording and implementation of the Student Code of Conduct.

Brebner admitted his emotions can sometimes get the best of him. "I'm not necessarily too emotional, I just get very emotional," he explained of his passion for his work.

This, he said, contrasted the lack of passion he saw in the student body. He pointed to well-organized and well-designed events, such as the recent Festival of the Arts, which failed to receive a strong student turnout. "[We need to work on] encouraging people to come out for events. The interest just isn't there," Brebner said.

Despite this, Brebner said he is generally satisfied with the USC's job thus far. "In general, I think the USC has done well with limited resources and constant attacks from administration," he said.

Brebner added his well-rounded background, including the five USC committees he belongs to and various extra-curricular activities associated with the Ivey School of Business, makes him the right man for the job.

"I'm a very social person – I take the time to find out what people think because I'm curious and I care."

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