Volume 93, Issue 66

Thursday, January 27, 2000


Ceeps not safe place for jackets

Butler hides secret love of fraternities

Ceeps not safe place for jackets

To the Editor:
It is a disappointment that students at this university not only face the constant threat of theft on-campus, but also off-campus. In particular, I am referring to the disappearance of winter jackets at the Ceeps.

The Ceeps is regarded as one of the most respectable bars in the city, but recently the students who attend the bar and the people who run it seem to show little interest in maintaining its clean and decent tradition.

Myself and other students I know, had the misfortune of having our coats stolen last Thursday night from the wall where all the jackets are hung. Clearly, the inconsiderate people who go to a bar to commit these crimes fail to understand the health and financial repercussions that the victims are bound to experience.

A quality winter jacket is worth $300 or more, which is a significant amount of money for a university student who has various other expenses throughout the school year. In my situation, I lost a coat worth nearly $600 and now I cannot afford to replace the same coat.

I am faced with an unnecessary investment that will significantly hinder the balance of my student budget designated to cover what remains of the school year. Needless to say, while I raise funds to purchase a new winter coat, I am exposed to illness from the use of improper clothing which absorbs water.

On the other hand, the lack of interest by the Ceeps to improve their customer service is sickening. This is a bar where Western students have placed their loyalty for many years and have consequently turned it into a very successful business. In return, students who go to the Ceeps are rarely notified by the bouncers as to how long the wait will be – unlike most of the busy bars in the city do.

Instead, people in line have to wait out in the cold without any idea of how long the wait will be and hence, cannot determine whether it is worth waiting or not. Usually, students who go to the Ceeps on a busy night wait for at least 30 minutes.

Now the bar persists in its careless policy of telling people that the bar is not responsible for the coats that go missing. However, these are the facts:

1. There aren't enough chairs at the Ceeps for everybody to leave their coats on.

2. There is no coat check or a visible anti-theft system, like hidden cameras, to protect coats.

3. Regardless of their policy, there is and always will be overconfident people who hang their coats up on the wall.

4. Last but not least, when you go to a bar to have a good time, the last thing you want to do is carry your coat with you the whole time.

So finally, I would like to tell those people who steal winter jackets to put themselves in the position of the victims and realize the cruelty that lies in this act.

And to all those students from Western who like the Ceeps, just remember one thing – when you go there, you should not have the burden of worrying about or carrying your coat. It is the bar's responsibility to make sure their establishment provides fun and security to its customers.

Jackets will continue to be stolen unless the Ceeps does something about it. Not providing security for coats limits the enjoyment customers can get at the bar. So if nothing changes, just go to another bar.

Raul Moreno
Economics III

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