Volume 93, Issue 66

Thursday, January 27, 2000


Ceeps not safe place for jackets

Butler hides secret love of fraternities

Butler hides secret love of fraternities

Re: "Phraternities are phun phur all" Jan. 14

To the Editor:
Two years ago I would have had a merry chuckle at Mr. Butler's column on fraternities.

I would have nodded my head in idle incomprehension and proceeded on with my day. Like Mr. Butler, I would have had little or no idea about what I was voicing an opinion on – that fraternities and sororities aren't for everyone. I never thought it would suit me, but most people don't pay the issue much attention.

Why then, does Mr. Butler take the time and effort to mock something that he seems to claim doesn't interest him? Here is my analysis of Mr. Butler's unresearched mockery of a column.

He demonstrates his innermost desire to be part of the Greek system. His passionate discourse doesn't illustrate a simple distaste for fraternities, instead it is an unbridled expression of envy. Fraternities look for men with good moral character, men with the inner drive to make the most of themselves and to contribute to their community, not closed-minded gossip columnists.

It is extremely likely that Mr. Butler has issues with fraternities because he has been denied entry into one or more of them. Mr. Butler seems to compare joining a fraternity to joining a circus.

Well I implore you Colin, rush again. You're obviously a clown, so in your own mind you're already halfway there.

Mark Sheard
Member of Lambda Chi Alpha Fraternity
Politics and Economics IV

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