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Thursday, January 27, 2000


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Myth, magic and mascoting

If it's not golf, it's crap!

If it's not golf, it's crap!

On the heels of Robbie Burns day, the birthday of the great Scottish poet, what better way to celebrate than by recalling the origins of the true Scottish sport known as golf.

Golf was developed in Scotland in the 15th century. The game was brought to England in 1608 by the future King of England, James IV.

Although established relatively early in comparison to other major sports, golf didn't gain a public foothold in North America until 1864 when it began to gain popularity. By 1885, the first golf championship ever was held in Great Britain.

In 1888, golf was officially organized in Yonkers, New York. from here, the first golf league was started and the first tournaments were held.

There have been many changes to the sport over the years, ranging from a limit of golf clubs a person could carry on the course (imposed in 1938), to the "technology" shift from the traditional wood shaft to a seamless steel one.

Over the years, golf has expanded and now includes major tournaments such as the British Open, the U.S. Open and the Masters tournament.

–Sean Maraj

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