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Friday, January 28, 2000


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Red rise from ashes of indie folk favourites

Apollo 440 supplies musical mix


Apollo 440 supplies musical mix

Apollo 440
Gettin' High On Your Own Supply
Sony Music

From the reggae dub/drum 'n' bass sounds of "Heart Go Boom" to a re-worked version of John Williams' original "Lost in Space" TV theme, Apollo 440 has expanded their musical fortitude with the release of their latest effort, Gettin' High On Your Own Supply.

Straying from the dance origins of their first two albums, Apollo 440 has come up with a virtual melting pot of musical genres. The resulting sound can not be summarized any better than by the title of the album's opening track – "Are We A Rock Band Or What?"

Taking a new sonic direction is often a risk, but fans of this UK act will not be disappointed. Within the album, the band pays homage to their previous outings and also looks towards the future.

"For Forty Days" functions as the band's nod to their past. "Cold Rock The Mic" is a hybrid of modern sounds of Rage Against The Machine and Prodigy, while "Stadium Parking Lot" has the flare of the Beastie Boys at their old school best.

Anyone who listens to this album with no expectations will be pleasantly surprised by the unique combination of heavy guitar riffs, deep drum beats and the undercurrent of an electric organ.

Even more interesting is that it functions as a multimedia CD-ROM, complete with stills and movie clips which detail the making of the album.

–Benj Nelson

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