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Friday, January 28, 2000


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Monaco drops from prez race

By Stephanie Cesca and Paul-Mark Rendon
Gazette Staff

A tearful Perry Monaco, VP-campus issues for the University Students' Council, turned the amount of USC presidential candidates back to an even number last night, when he announced he would drop out of the race.

His decision to withdraw was made at the end of a forum held at Huron College. "I've thought about this for a long time," Monaco said. "I'm sorry if I'm letting other people down, but I'm letting down my commissioners," he added, explaining he could not conduct his position as VP-campus issues adequately while running for president.

"My heart is in my office right now. I'd love to be back here for another year, but I can't. My job is too demanding," he said.

Mike Gelfand, Chief Returning Officer for the USC, said he had no idea Monaco would decide to pull himself out of the running. "I commend what Perry's done. He's being honest, not only to himself but to the entire student body and all the candidates."

Monaco's exit from the race comes on the heels of third-year scholar's electives student Graham Heaton's decision to withdraw on Wednesday, and leaves a total of 10 candidates.

"I had no indication whatsoever," said the USC's VP-education, Mark Kissel. He said he had relieved Monaco of supervising three of his commissioners since his campaign forced an absence from his VP position. "If this is what he feels is best for him – I completely support him," he said.

Brian Rose, president of the Huron College council, said he was also stunned. "I'm very shocked. To be brutally honest, I'm very disappointed. I'm proud of Perry, but I think Western students have lost a great candidate," he said.

Monaco added he did not regret attempting to run and attending the first two forums. "If I have instilled passion in other people, then I've done the right thing."

He also said he felt better after withdrawing and added he hoped students would still remember to vote election day. "Please remember to vote – just fucking vote."

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