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Friday, January 28, 2000


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Forum profits from Millionaire

By Nina Chiarelli and Mike Murphy
Gazette Staff

Running for University Students' Council president was every candidate's final answer, as the election race continued yesterday with the first candidate forum in the University Community Centre atrium.

Modeled after the popular game show Who Wants To Be a Millionaire?, current USC president SzeJack Tan hosted his own version of "Who wants to be USC president?" said Michael Gelfand, Chief Returning Officer for the USC.

He said the questions – which ranged from ranking campus buildings from newest to oldest, to questions regarding Western president Paul Davenport – were conceived by both the elections committee and USC Board members. "I think it went really well," he said.

The forum saw all but one candidate answer a lightning round trivia question in order to qualify as a contestant. The only candidate missing was fourth-year political science student Taylor Pressey, who was in Ottawa at the United Alternative conference, said USC VP-education Mark Kissel.

Tan said although he thought the forum went well, he stressed the importance of having all the candidates attend the events. "It's important that candidates show up so voters can make a decision," he said.

Rob Hemington, a third-year kinesiology student, said he thought the forum caught students' attention. "It's good to see they're creating interest, even just for passers-by, who see what's going on," he said. "Last year's election was very dull. This looks like an improvement."

Still Bella Lewkowicz, a third-year political science student, said it was not informative enough. "It seemed the candidates all had about the same level of knowledge and no one really distinguished themselves from the others."

Second-year nutrition student Karen Tulen agreed, but was quick to add that she thought much more would be learned about the candidates at following forums. "This was a good beginning. I think we'll learn more in the forums that follow."

Yesterday's presidential forum in the University Community Centre atrium wasn't the final showdown for the ol' candidate buckaroos, but it was definitely the beginning of the horse race. Here are some of the highlights.

"My campaign's about CARE – committment, approachability, respect and experience."
–Luke Petrykowski, Biology II

"I think I'm a good leader and could add a lot to this school."
–Dave Brebner, HBA IV

"I think some of the candidates have good experience in politics and others have good campus experience, but I think I'm the only one who really has both."
–Jeff Sutton, ACS IV

"I have a passion for this job. I will put in 26 hours a day."
–Neil Kapoor, ACS IV

"I'd have to say running the game show."
–Dave Braun, Political Science III, on the best part of being president.

"That was my strategy – to wait until the end and then clean up."
–Ray Novak, Political Science IV, on being the second last candidate on stage.

"Getting to do forums where you have to answer spontaneous questions and prove your mettle."
–Fraser Connell, Political Science III, on the best part of running for president.

"I'm just your regular Joe. I'm your blue collar candidate."
–Jeff Brown, English III

"Servicing students is the most important part of the president's duties."
–Mitch Chiba, Kinesiology IV

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