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Friday, January 28, 2000


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Brown down with the people

By Sean Maraj
Gazette Staff

Jeff Brown is looking to shoot it out for students in his bid to win the University Students' Council presidential election.

A third-year English student, Brown maintained although changes were necessary for the USC, he was not prepared to implement a complete overhaul. Brown said he wanted to focus his attention on the students he would represent if elected.

"I don't want to come off as a person wanting to totally overhaul the USC," Brown said. "I want to represent students and their concerns – and their concerns are the financial concerns."

Brown said he was primarily interested in helping to alleviate the financial burdens on students, such as debt. "The concern of students can't be economics, it has to be academics. As funding decreases, financial burdens become a hole they have to climb out of," he said. "I want to stress the importance of the whole council to make this a priority. No longer can it take a relaxed attitude, something has to be done – there has to be action."

Brown said he realized the job of president involved lobbying in Ottawa for issues such as funding.

"There has to be responsible representation. The president makes trips to Ottawa to lobby not for himself, but for the students – he has to be willing to step on toes," he said.

Brown looked to his leadership skills as a major strength. "I have the ability to get people to listen to me – that's why I want to present myself for president. I don't want the students to rally around me, but around themselves and their future."

As for his faults, he cited his stubbornness as his biggest fault. "I'd say I tend to be stubborn on some occasions, but you can also see that as a strength because I will not back down easily."

In order to distance himself from the presidential pack, Brown said he hoped students would see his ability to effectively represent their concerns.

"I don't want people to vote for me because they believe I can do a good job, I want people to vote for me because they know I can do a good job. I consider myself the presidential candidate of the students, the people's champion," he said.

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