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Friday, January 28, 2000


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Accessibility tops Chiba's priorities

By Stephanie Cesca
Gazette Staff

Even though Mitch Chiba claims he's a realist, there's one surreal aspect to this cowboy's potential presidency he wants to bring to life – accessibility.

"I can guarantee my door would never be closed to anyone. I will literally take it off its hinges."

This fourth-year kinesiology student said he wants to be accessible to every student on campus at all times. This would include bringing his and spending time there at least twice a week so students would not feel intimidated going to the council office to talk to him.

"I believe one my greatest assets is to listen. I want to listen to what the students have to say," he said.

Chiba added he recognized tuition rates and accessibility to be only two of the biggest issues students are facing. He explained he realized the limitations of what he can do and added he does not want to make a lot of false promises.

"I don't want to say I can make changes overnight because that's not realistic. In essence, I want to know what the students want and use what powers I have to make changes – realistically."

Chiba said he looks at the University Students' Council as being a business in need of some improvement. "The Wave is one of the biggest reasons why the USC loses money year after year," he said.

To rectify this, Chiba said he would like to hold exclusive residence pubs at the campus bars on specific nights, so the frosh would not have access to the bars every night and get bored of them.

One goal Chiba said he had recently achieved was helping to create a new 200 level kinesiology course which was in high demand amongst kinesiology students. "I'd like to use that know-how and carry it over to the USC."

Chiba admitted he had several things to learn as well. "Probably my biggest weakness is the fact that I haven't been on the USC before as a councillor."

Frequent attendance at USC meetings, however, has helped him keep up-to-date on USC issues, he said, adding his priorities would always be focused on students.

"I would best serve the students' interests – not the interests of anyone else."

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