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Friday, January 28, 2000


Men and women v-ballers keep pulling in wins

NBA super star sell outs

Millennium moment

Millennium moment

Norwood no good in Bowl

Running into the playoffs with a full head of steam, it appeared as if the Buffalo Bills were a team of destiny through the 1990 National Football League season.

The Bills, led by quarterback Jim Kelly and his "K-gun" offence, marched into the '91 Super Bowl versus the New York Giants who were led by quarterback Jeff Hostetler.

The Giants were favourites coming into the game, as the Bills were seen as yet another weak American Football Conference team to be eaten up by the powerful National Football Conference.

The Giants had just dethroned the two-time Super Bowl champion San Francisco 49ers and appeared as if they would walk all over the Bills. Buffalo, however, led throughout the game despite the fact the Giants were leading in possession time. In the fourth quarter, the Giants were able to move down the field to score a field goal off the foot of place kicker Matt Bahr, which gave the Giants a 20-19 lead with only a few minutes left in the fourth quarter.

The Bills took the field and started a drive led by Kelly and runningback Thurman Thomas. Buffalo inched closer and closer to the Giants end zone, but the drive stalled and time was slowly ticking away on the Bills' hopes. They decided to put their fate in the hands of sure-footed kicker Scott Norwood to take the 47 yard field goal which would win the Bills the Super Bowl.

The snap was good and Norwood put all his might into the kick. As it neared the up rights at the back of the end zone, the ball slowly began to inch to the side, as the announcer yelled "No good, wide right."

The Giants jumped for joy and the Bills mourned. The following year, the Bills acquired a new kicker in Steve Christie and Norwood joined many other NFL kickers in the unemployment line.

–Chad Thompson

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