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Canadian magazine charts nation's brightest music stars

By Rebecca Morier
Gazette Staff

One could argue the waters of Canadian music were pretty much uncharted until recently. However, the nineties witnessed many noteworthy events that created waves of excitement in the international music scene.

Included in these significant happenings was the proliferation of festivals celebrating established musicians, as well as the inception of North By Northeast, which exposes independent up-and-comers. There has also been an increase in media coverage devoted to Canadian music. In fact, there is an inherent relationship between the music world and the media that covers it.

"It's a perfect fit," says Nada Laskovski , co-publisher of Chart magazine, about the symbiotic relationship between Chart and NXNE. Laskovski, the publisher and editor of "Canada's Music Magazine" and Edward Skira, co-founded the publication.

Not only has Chart been a major sponsor of NXNE since the event started six years ago, but this month also marks its 10th anniversary.

Originating as a campus trade magazine, Chart continues cultivating Canadian music, especially through its contributions to NXNE. "We have a great relationship with [NXNE organizers]," boasts Laskovski. "We like to support the Canadian music scene and music in general and North by Northeast is really about that. It's a good partnership."

Together, Laskovski and Skira kicked off NXNE festivities with the event's official launch party, which also acted as Chart's tenth anniversary bash. In addition, Chart hosted a showcase of talent and a celebrity chat as part of the festival. "We've been working with NXNE very closely from the planning stages and putting things together," she says. "It's been really great."

Similarly, Chart has good relationships with other Canadian media also supporting the music scene north of the border. Laskovski cites MuchMusic as an example: "There's a similar sort of synergy in that they're the 'nation's music station' and we're like the nation's music magazine."

Celebrating 10 publication years, this month's issue of Chart has three different covers, in triptych style, featuring 10 currently popular Canadian musicians. However, eight of them – like Edwin, David Usher and Bif Naked – are all from the alternative rock genre, while Maestro and Choclair are the token representatives of the growing rap/hip-hop scene.

"We don't try to be everything to everybody," Laskovski explains. "I think Canada is producing a lot of great music that's not necessarily receiving the kind of attention that it should."

Regardless, 10 years of actively supporting Canadian music is worth celebrating. "We've always maintained the same mandate of covering Canadian music and supporting the Canadian scene," says a proud and determined Laskovski.

With Chart's substantial involvement in NxNE, which shares a similar mission statement, Laskovski looks to the future with enthusiasm. "Our relationship with North by Northeast is only going to get closer and more solid in coming years. I think that what they're doing is great and we're going to keep working together."

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