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Friday, June 2, 2000


Leading the London pack - John Kuhn tackles new frontiers

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Leading the London pack - John Kuhn tackles new frontiers

Casey Lessard/Gazette

AND I KNOW HOW TO USE IT! London Werewolves GM John Kuhn is hoping the community will continue to support his team at Labatt Park this summer.

By Ryan Dixon
Gazette Staff

John Kuhn is a man who aims to please.

The general manager of London's Frontier league baseball team, The Werewolves, is excited about building on the tremendous success the team had in its inaugural season. In case you missed it, the Cinderella Werewolves took home the Frontier league championship last year. So what could they do for an encore? Kuhn put it in no uncertain terms.

"Our only goal is to make the play-offs. After that, anything can happen."

The title of general manager has carried with it some heavy responsibilities, but Kuhn is quick to point out the majority of his workload does not revolve around trades and roster movement.

"I have got to make sure that we have enough balls and helmets, make sure we have enough of whatever we're giving away for a promotion, if there is a radio commercial to record I've got to make sure it has been done. I try to oversee all facets of the operation."

The 32-year old Fort Myers, Florida native has a lot on his plate, but he should be used to it by now. Kuhn has been at the professional baseball game for ten years now. He got his foot in the door with a ball club playing out of Fort Myers. A decade later, Kuhn has found himself leading the pack in London.

Despite the holding the title of general manager, Kuhn described himself as just another member of a team with a common goal – customer satisfaction. "The dream is to see the people in the stands having a good time," Kuhn said.

The wolves have gone to great lengths to achieve their dream. Kuhn said the key to having fans leave the games satisfied was accessibility to the players. "We have an open gate policy, meaning that after every game, fans are invited down to the field to talk with the players. That happens every game – win or lose." And the fans don't have to wait for the conclusion of the game for the special treatment to begin – it commences as soon as they enter Labatt Park. "Forty-two home games means Forty-two promotions," Kuhn stated.

As for the on field potential of his club at this pre-season stage, Kuhn was very realistic. "Every thing always looks good on paper. As long as Andy [McCauley] is our [field] manager, we are going to be competitive."

Beyond McCauley, the success of the team would hinge on the one constant in baseball. "Pitching is the key right from the little leagues to the big leagues," Kuhn said.

While he admitted a second straight Frontier league championship would be a welcomed development, Kuhn realized last year's scintillating achievement was something special. "It was a dream season. There is no other way to put it".

Win or lose, Kuhn and his pack of wolves have vowed to continue to maintain the high level of satisfaction London baseball fans experienced last season. Kuhn said he was confident the entire team can continue to please.

"We provide big league customer service. Actually, I have been to a couple of big league games and we provide better than big league customer service."

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