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Wednesday, March 1, 2000


Federal budget questioned

The Shot Pool Pub faces final last call

Youth unemployment changes for the better

Funds for double cohort announced

Sex and education not a perfect match

New budget targets "brain-drain"



Caught on campus

The Shot Pool Pub faces final last call

By John Intini
Gazette Staff

A once popular downtown bar has closed its doors and emptied the kegs for the last time.

Dan Serruya, owner of The Shot Pool Pub, said he has sold the six year-old Richmond Street bar, but would not divulge the details of the deal or confirm who would take over the bar's location, since the sale was not yet final. "It was an offer we couldn't refuse," he said, adding the deal was not the result of any financial problems.

Gus Klemos, a bartender who worked at The Shot for the last three years, said he was told the bar was not going to open last Wednesday but to report on Thursday. However, he said on Thursday, the bar's staff was notified of its closure.

"I kind of saw it coming, but the owners gave us no warning at all," he said, adding there was talk of concern over the summer's profits, but as far as he could tell, it was still making money.

Klemos described the owners as having no respect for the staff. "The pay was always late," he said. "They paid us whenever it was convenient for them."

Andrew Mes, also one of The Shot's former bartenders, said he did not want to comment on whether he had noticed a change in the size of the crowds over the last couple years or speculate on why the bar was sold.

However, Mes said the closing may have an effect on the bar scene in London. "The Shot has always had a pretty strong Wednesday night and [the closing] may open it up a lot," he said.

Ron Scarfoni, manager of Jim Bob Ray's which is situated slightly South of The Shot on Richmond Street, said the announcement of the closing was a sad one. Although it may result in a short term increase in patrons due to less competition, he said the long term effects may be negative.

"The more places the [Richmond] strip has, the better," he said, adding people often bar hop in the area and more bars and restaurants equal a livelier, more attractive area for students.

Scarfoni said since late last week he has already hired three ex-Shot employees.

Rob Kerr, manager at the Ceeps, said he was surprised by the announcement, but was aware The Shot was having some financial trouble.

In terms of the closure increasing business for the cross-street competitor, Kerr said the Ceeps recently added a new Wednesday night event which may attract some of The Shot's former crowd. "They didn't have a great business, but whatever we can get is great," he said.

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