Volume 93, Issue 79

Wednesday, March 1, 2000


We're not mindless robots

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We're not mindless robots

Re: "Opinion not warranted in campaign" Feb. 15

To the Editor:
So Mike Lawless, president-elect of the King's College Students' Council, doesn't want The Gazette to express an opinion on student elections.

Of course, Mr. Lawless would have you believe that he is merely a concerned student standing up for some kind of weird fairness principle. The fact that he showed up to forums wearing Dave Braun T-shirts and the fact that he decided to be morally outraged after The Gazette chose to endorse Ray Novak are just coincidences.

But let's pretend that Mr. Lawless would have written the letter even if his status-quo candidate had been endorsed. In his letter, Mr. Lawless asks an interesting question to The Gazette: "How stupid do you think [the students] are?" Well, I don't know what The Gazette thinks, but it's obvious what he thinks.

By suggesting that a Gazette endorsement is some kind of powerful unfair tool of control, he's suggesting that we're mindless zombies who simply do whatever The Gazette tells us to do. The fact that Mr. Novak didn't win goes a long way towards disproving that.

Almost every paper in Canada endorses campaigns and has editorial opinions. It's a little something we call "freedom of the press." The Gazette isn't forcing us to do anything. They're just giving their opinion. On the other hand, Mr. Lawless would presumably use the power of the University Students' Council to muzzle The Gazette.

Beware of those who want to limit the press in the name of "fairness." There is no such thing as an unbiased opinion and it seems in Mr. Lawless' case, his agenda was to protect the status-quo. The reason he wrote that letter was because The Gazette wanted change.

By the way, I was on Novak's team and in my opinion, he deserved to win. Feel free to disagree. I won't stop you.

Pablo Frank
Computer Science IV

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