Volume 93, Issue 79

Wednesday, March 1, 2000


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Can you ever "know" the rifleman?

Television officially hits rock bottom

Television officially hits rock bottom

To the Editor:
While flipping through the channels Monday night I stumbled upon Who Wants to Marry a Multimillionaire? The show is basically a competition beginning with numerous women who try to make it through several stages of elimination, after which five finalists are left. From the five, the multimillionaire (whom none of the contestants have met or seen) selects one which he marries at the end of the show.

In short, this is sick and I'm disgusted. The wedding kiss was about as passionate as a drunken stuper makeout session at the Ridout. How can two people who have never met pledge their love and undying devotion to each other? I now have a better understanding of why the divorce rate is so ridiculously high.

It seems couples nowadays marry because of resources or because they're settling for a "decent" husband/wife instead of waiting for 100 per cent compatibility. I'd like to send a big high five to those of you who refuse to settle. It may take longer to find your match but our marriages will be deeper and last longer.

To those of you who weren't disgusted by the show, remember that it's a life partner you're selecting, not a pair of shoes. Instead of it's original title, the show should have been called "Who Wants to be a Superficial Gold-Digger?"

Marcus Maleus
Political Science II

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