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Friday, March 10, 2000


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Comic loves pizza, girls

By Jeff Warren
Gazette Staff

Stand-up has many advantages for comedian Chris Quigley. While the high of making people laugh and the chance to travel are obvious pleasures, Quigley holds one aspect above all else.

"The women," he boasts. "You have to like the beautiful women. It is one of the perks, let me tell you."

When he's not busy fending off the "funny-bunnies," Quigley is entertaining audiences with a comedic routine which mimics life by touching on such topics ranging from eating dinner to fishing on a boat.

"It's pretty much my life that I make fun of," he says. "People can relate to that because they have either been in that situation or know someone who has. I got a lot of my material from when I was a teenager and so my audience is anywhere from 25-85 because they can look back and laugh."

Reminiscing about the past is an essential part of Quigley's act and one which he says keeps him in check. "You have to look back or it will drive you crazy."

Of course, Quigley is not one to shy away from a little craziness. Often described as one card short of a deck, Quigley had to battle for attention as the youngest of seven children. This was instrumental in forcing him down the comedic path. "I was always the cute one," he laughs. "Everybody would always say 'Do that thing, that is so cute and funny,' so it became embedded in me."

Now that Quigley has the comedy bug flowing through his veins, he fails to see himself leaving the stage in the near future. "I am really into the comedy," he says. "I am trying to become perfect and I know it may not happen so I am going to enjoy the trip there. I don't have any desire to act so I am pretty much concerned [solely] with putting on good shows."

Quigley is bringing his show to London this weekend and while he still has a job to do, his motives may lie elsewhere. "I love the pizza out in London," he declares.

So between the pizza and the women, Quigley is happy making people laugh and stopping to enjoy things for himself along the way. "I don't look at things directly, I look through them, but not so much that it is not reality."

Chris Quigley appears at Yuk Yuk's tonight and tomorrow.

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