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Friday, March 10, 2000


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Faculty review gets top grades

By Nina Chiarelli
Gazette Staff

After months of examination, the Engineering Science Review Team wrapped up their investigation into the activites and traditions of engineering students at Western.

The team, which was assembled last November, released a set of recommendations, said Frances Bauer, Western's ombudsperson and one of the three review team members.

According to Bauer, the review team suggested Western develop clear and comprehensive guidelines on student behaviour. It also advised that students be given the right to appeal disciplinary decisions.

The report further recommended the Undergraduate Engineering Society, along with the University Students' Council and university administration, work to reduce the focus on alcohol during orientation week.

The review team was formed after four engineering students were de-registered in September after an orientation week prank which vandalized several residences. "The incident wasn't highlighted but it did come up," Bauer said, adding students should adhere to the university's rules.

"We need to know what the rules are. It's only right, so people can govern themselves. There had been purple dye thrown on buildings in the past and nobody said boo – nothing happened.

"One thing that we found was there was a lot of movement, change and concern about safety and inclusiveness [in the faculty]," Bauer said, adding a focus of the investigation included determining what constitutes a prank and whether pranks are an acceptable part of university life.

The acting dean of engineering science, Ian Moore, said all the suggestions seemed reasonable. "I was very pleased with the depth and breadth of the recommendations," he said.

Peter Mercer, Western's VP-administration, also said he was pleased with the findings of the review panel. "The fact is, there is a committee acting on the behalf of the vice-provost as to a student code of conduct."

This student code of conduct is exactly what was needed here at Western, Bauer added. "There was no real existing appeal process for students to turn to. They don't get a full hearing or full disclosure. There needs to be a process that protects students' rights. I think it protects the decision–makers too."

Western's vice-provost and registrar, Roma Harris, said she felt the review team's recommendations were fair. "I spoke to them and they were very thorough. I think they did a good job."

Harris also confirmed an internal Board of Governors review would be conducted to investigate the manner in which the non-academic violations would be administered.

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