Volume 93, Issue 85

Friday, March 10, 2000


Who wants perspective?

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Who wants perspective?

Re: "Who wants to learn?" March 7

To the Editor:
I am writing this letter in response to Shawn Lowes' letter describing his contempt for American ignorance.

After reading his letter, I had to ask myself, why does Mr. Lowes resent Americans so much? Sure Americans do not learn much about us in their classrooms, but with a history and culture as rich as theirs, can we blame them? Why do so many Canadians get upset when they do not get the respect or acknowledgment that they think they deserve from Americans?

As a Canadian citizen with an American green card, I have had a chance to live down South for a while. When I go to National Football League or Major League Baseball games, I see nearly every person in the crowd singing the "Star Spangled Banner" word for word.

I know for a fact I don't know "O Canada" in English (let alone French), or many of our Prime Ministers, whereas many Americans can name every president in chronological order. Their lack of knowledge of Canada is made up for fully by their grasp of American history, which leads to the intense national pride I admire.

As for why Mr. Lowes and many other Canadians seem to resent Americans, it unfortunately comes down to jealousy. I'm not sure if it's their lower taxes, sunny beaches or ability to hold professional sports franchises, but if Mr. Lowes feels threatened by the onslaught of American culture, I have a few suggestions. Have Rogers cut the cable to just the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation and stick to classic Canadian game shows such as Bumper Stumpers, where contestants duke it out for a chance at that brand new toaster.

Patrick Loftus Jr.
Administrative and Commercial Studies III

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