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Wednesday, March 15, 2000


Tuition capped for five years

USC budget predicting surplus

Teachers' association rallies in opposition of federal report

Future of endorsements faces council meeting

VP hopefuls stand up to the mic

New program to reward excellence

Bass Ackwards

Caught on campus

VP hopefuls stand up to the mic

By Mike Murphy
Gazette Staff

Eleven candidates for the University Students' Council's four vice-presidential positions got a chance to stand and deliver yesterday, during a political forum held in the University Community Centre atrium.

The positions being competed for include VP-campus issues, VP-finance, VP-education and VP-student affairs.

The five candidates for VP-student affairs held the stage longer than any other group at the forum, answering questions from a handful of spectators on topics such as corporate sponsorship for clubs, clubs week and how to improve the USC's image among students.

Naomi Loewith, USC speaker and organizer of the vice-presidential elections, said she thought the forum served a useful purpose.

"I think it's a good idea to get candidates out there, practising their stuff and getting used to talking to people outside of those who are voting."

Next year's VPs will be elected by the approximately 110 voting members of council, who are now in the process of conducting one-on-one interviews with each of the candidates in order to make their decisions.

Loewith said the relatively small number of onlookers at the forum was a somewhat disheartening, but came as no surprise.

"It's disappointing, but it's expected because there's not nearly as much publicity about the VP elections as there is for the presidential elections in February," she said. "There were some people out there asking questions that I haven't seen before, which is always really good."

Current VP-campus issues Perry Monaco said he gave the forum a positive assessment. He also observed that VP forums were never as well attended as the presidential forums. "But I still think it's important to hold them," he said.

"I think it will be very tight," Monaco said of the race between the VP-campus issues candidates. He said all three candidates have done an exemplary job at meeting new people and disseminating their campaign ideas.

"I can guarantee no one – no candidate running for VP-campus issues – will win on the first ballot," he said.

Mark Kissel, the USC's current VP-education, remembered last year's forum as a personal challenge. "It was a nerve-racking experience," he said.

As for this year's edition of the VP forum, Kissel said he thought it went fairly well. "The overall impression was that is was very good," he said. "It was a good chance for candidates to show their stuff."

Dave Brebner, candidate for VP-finance and Jessica St. Peter, a VP-campus issues contender, were both unable to attend yesterday's forum.

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