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Thursday, March 16, 2000


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Coke isn't it for McGill students

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Coke isn't it for McGill students

By Aaron Wherry
Gazette Staff

Students at McGill University voted against a proposed single-source beverage deal with Coca-Cola last week, but the decision may be far from final.

Paul Flicker, chief returning officer for the Students' Society of McGill University, said the final tally was 2,690 against the proposed deal with Coke and 2,080 in favour, with 204 spoiled ballots. Flicker said he felt the results sent a clear message as to how the student body felt.

"In my opinion, the deal can't go ahead without the co-operation of the student societies," Flicker said. "I think it would show an incredible lack of sensitivity [by administration] to go through with this deal."

Andrew Tischler, SSMU president and head of the "Yes" committee which supported the proposed deal, said he was uneasy about the results.

"I'm kind of concerned with the whole process. It was [just] a great chance to grandstand in front of the media," Tischler said, adding the small margin of victory made the referendum results questionable.

Tischler said the results would now be taken to the SSMU's judicial board for review.

Member of the "No" committee, Philippe Gohier, said he was pleased with how students voted. "I'm extremely happy, but it's far from over," he said. "The Students' Society has called the results into question and [some people feel] administration will not take the results as binding."

Gohier said he was confident the SSMU would eventually agree with the results and that if the "No" committee put sufficient pressure on administration, they too would ratify the results.

Alan Charade, manager of purchasing services for McGill, refused to comment on the referendum.

Vice-president of public affairs for the Coca-Cola Bottling Company, Sandra Banks, said her company was not involved in the referendum. "Administration requested a proposal and we prepared one for them," she said. "It is now up to administration to interpret what the student decision means."

Derrick Taub, VP-finance for the University Students' Council, said the USC was not currently pursuing any single-source beverage deal, but the idea has been investigated in the past.

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