Volume 93, Issue 88

Thursday, March 16, 2000


Council opts for budget

Western shops for best policy

Coke isn't it for McGill students

Toronto strike force to take aim at rave scene

Binge drinking on the rise

Dinner time helps health



Caught on campus


Attack of the robots

Robots will be taking over Conron Hall tomorrow.

Roboticist Mark Tilden will speak at the third annual Nerenberg Lecture, hosted by the department of applied mathematics, said Chris Essex, professor of applied mathematics.

Tilden's lecture, "If It's the Future, Where's My Robot?," will be examining what went wrong with the concept of the personal robot, Essex said.

With over 30 years experience in the field of robotics, Tilden is one of the most popular scientists in the field. "He's got some really neat stuff," Essex said, adding Tilden will bring some of the robots he has created.

"His projects range from robot vacuum cleaners to the robotic clearing of land mines," Essex said, adding there are plans to send his robots to the moon in the future.

The presentation is free and starts at 7:30 p.m..

–Leena Kamat

Term papers for cash

Put on your thinking caps and start typing – for once, writing an essay might actually pay off in cash.

For the fifth consecutive year, university and college students are invited to submit essays offering their political visions for the future of Canada, said Joan Crocker, managing director of Magna International's As Prime Minister program.

Magna is sponsoring the program and will distribute $300,000 in prize money between 50 winners. The top place finisher, selected in August, will receive $20,000 and a one year paid internship at the company, she said.

Essays should be 2,500 words in length and the deadline is June 5. This year students can submit essays online at www.asprimeminister.com.

–Heather Buchan

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