Volume 93, Issue 88

Thursday, March 16, 2000


Protest was silent, but misguided

Education not material commodity


Cold as ice


Re: "Searching for Western's style" March 10

To the Editor:
How much energy should we consider devoting to style, a thing your graphics editor [Terry Warne] claims many people at Western lack?

Would it be reasonable to forgo a couple hours of research at the library in order to look good enough for him to consider us stylish? Perhaps we should consider taking one less class a semester and devote that extra time to dressing and primping in the hopes that he deems our style acceptable.

After all, my master's degree probably wouldn't be able to take me as far as donning a new ball gown on campus everyday could.

Style, as defined by Webster's Dictionary, is "a manner of doing" among other things. Thus, if I wear jogging pants on a day I have a lot to do, just to be comfortable and then the next day wear my jeans – that's "my style."

Hey Terry, I'll see you at McDonald's and when I do, I'll have an order of fries.

Leslie Collins
Master's in Plant Sciences II

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