Volume 93, Issue 89

Friday, March 17, 2000


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3 Strikes should stay on bench


3 Strikes should stay on bench

Various Artists
3 Strikes
Priority Records

Snoop Dogg's Eastsidaz, Choclair, Total, Silkk the Shocker, E-40 and Xzibit are just some of the artists featured on the 3 Strikes soundtrack.

To sum it up, it's not much different from any other soundtrack – some good songs, a lot of bad ones, none of which are thematically connected.

Nonetheless, this West Coast–flavoured album is sure to please, with its previously released gems and fresh tracks from hip-hop notables.

The best songs on the album are ones which have already been heard by any casual rap fan. Choclair gets another piece of the American pie, as his hit single "Let's Ride" blares its funky bass once again. Tha Eastsidaz's "G'd Up" hits listeners with its banging beats and smooth pacific flows, reminding us that "if it ain't a Chevy, don't raise it up."

Some nice new ish comes from Sauce Money, the man who made Puffy respectable (and multi-platinum) by ghostwriting "I'll Be Missing You." With "Chart Climbin'" Sauce lyrically rips the piano-laced track to exhaustion.

Ras Kass makes an appearance with "West Coast Mentality," but as usual his considerable rapping skills just don't translate into a hot song. Total hits us with "Crave" and while their whiny yet catchy voices are bearable, the track never comes together.

C-Murder tries his best to copy the call-and-response trend, but "Where I come from" makes you wish someone would relieve this No-Limit Soldier from his tour of duty.

All in all, this compilation consists of old songs you should already have and new stuff that you'll never want. Forget about allowing this batter 3 Strikes, you shouldn't have sent him up to the plate.

–Joel Brown

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