Volume 93, Issue 89

Friday, March 17, 2000


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Men on film get thumbs down

Men on film get thumbs down

To the Editor:

Of the 16 films showcased at the Western Film Festival, only two were by women. It would seem that bias was completely part of the agenda of the selection committee.

The group that chose the films was comprised of five males and one female. This oligarchy consisted of only members from the Undergraduate Film Society, which made the viewing extremely subjective. The festival is supposed to be open to other faculties, but I believe if anyone submitted from outside of the film department their chances would be much lower.

After speaking to a number of people who knew those involved with the selection process, it seemed that the majority of the films selected were created by individuals who had some kind of social connection with this group.

Filmmaker Victoria Moufawad (from outside of the film faculty) submitted a short film. Last year, one of my favourite films at the festival was Moufawad's "Hybrid: Memory & Fiction" which won in the documentary category. I was looking forward to seeing her recent work screened at the festival. Her current film, however, did not make this year's selection.

I later was able to view her film in her film aesthetics class. Not only did I find the film better than her work the previous year, but I did not see how it could have been deemed unworthy of making the selection process.

The committee is supposed to represent a university. It appears it instead represented a bunch of ignorant males who would rather see big tits and male protagonists.

Joshua Paul
Philosophy III

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