Volume 93, Issue 80

Thursday, March 2, 2000


Gazette no place for whining

Same sex smooch not pornography

If it ain't broke...

Gazette no place for whining

Re: "Cover photo same as pornography" Feb. 17

To the Editor:
After the verbal beatings received by those in the past complaining about incredibly silly/useless things, (i.e. Diesel jeans, Amigo "in bare bones deals,") I thought I would never have to deal with someone whining like this in The Gazette again. This time, of all things, it was about affection.

This piece is oozing with naiveté. You are wrong – we would find a picture of two men kissing in The Gazette if the situation arose. Here, the picture involved two girls. It's that simple – a photo opportunity and quite an interesting one at that. Can you blame the photographer?

If it were two men kissing, it would of course not catch my eye the way this did, but how could I complain? What is the wrong in it?

I think it's quite safe to assume that you would not respond in the same manner had the photo been of a man and a woman kissing at the Ball, you would likely have thought it to be sweet/romantic, or not even noticed it – this leads me ask, do you have a problem with same sex affection? If you do, then we are arguing a very different argument, one in which I would attack you much more harshly.

For you to infer that the Ball was a "drunken make-out fest" based solely on this photo is fairly far-fetched. All you can literally determine from it is that two intoxicated friends shared a kiss. If you want to settle on your worst case scenarios, be my guest, but keep it out of The Gazette please, you're annoying us.

I figured we were long past (i.e. decades) the point where same sex affection should be interpreted negatively. As proof of my accusation of naiveté above, please open any adult magazine and compare it to this photo.

I cannot think of any literal wrong with this photo – I need you to pinpoint what it is. Granted it is a drunken stupor, but to you and all those who notice evil in such inoffensiveness and feel the need to whine in The Gazette – LIGHTEN UP.

Chris Jongkind
Honours Geography IV

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