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Thursday, March 2, 2000


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If it ain't broke...

If it ain't broke...

Re: "White paper talks reveal concerns" Feb. 17

To the Editor:
I have been following the efforts of our school to move to a more Harvard-like education. However, those pushing for the changes have dodged the key issue: What good will these changes accomplish?

For the people who knew what they wanted to do in high school before they got to university, the proposed changes will do no good. It simply means that a student will be taking irrelevant courses. Essentially, the university is going to force students to buy something they don't need.

For the people that come to university not knowing what to do, I wholeheartedly recommend taking a year off, working and taking the opportunity to explore university options. For many, it means more time to choose a plan. It also lets the future student think "What would my dream university do for me?"

Professor Bernd Frohmann raises a good point – Harvard has more monetary resources than we do. Since students are faced with the burden of bridging the chasm between what we need and what we have, Western may become Harvard in more ways than one. So many people cannot afford to come here as it is – any further tuition hikes to implement this pipe-dream program would just make the problem worse.

I think that our officials at Western have fallen prey to unscrupulous journalism. We balked when Maclean's said our school ranked "only" fifth overall in Canada and yet when Ivey was endorsed as 19th in the world we passionately agreed with the assessment. I think the best testament to how well our school is doing is the 20,000 plus that have chosen to make Western their alma mater.

Why mess with a good thing?

Curtis W. L. Jones
Sociology I

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