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Monday, March 21, 2000


Police search for stabbing suspects

Councillors select future Board

Student disappears without a trace

Accusations fly over film-fest

City bars target date rape drugs

Week of crime highlighted by theft



Caught on campus

Student disappears without a trace

By Stephanie Cesca and Nina Chiarelli
Gazette Staff

It has been one week since second-year economics student Joel Tayler was last seen and his friends and family are asking anyone who has information about his potential whereabouts to come forward.

London Police Det. John Paré confirmed the 21 year-old student went missing March 13.

Paré said the police did not suspect any foul play, but told Tayler's parents that his disappearance was odd. "We're reaching out to anyone who knows him," he said. "Any information we get, we're following up on – if anyone at the university knows anything [they should come forward]."

Tayler's mother, Mary, said she had no idea where her son could have gone. "He gave no clues to anybody," she said. "We want to know he's okay. We want him home. We love him. I hope he phones."

Mary said she and her husband, Jim, who live in Sarnia, put up posters at bus and train stations with hope that someone would recognize him. "He didn't tell anyone that he was going anywhere."

Joel's roommate, second-year media information and technoculture student Matt Yu, said he was also worried. "Basically, on Monday [March 13] we watched a movie. Then we studied because we had a linguistics exam the next day," Yu said of the night Joel disappeared.

"He seemed like he was taking a lot of [study] breaks and he was acting a little strange. I asked him, but when he responded he seemed fine."

Yu said he went to bed before Joel that night, but in the morning, Joel was gone. "The only thing missing is his sweater," Yu said. "His wallet's with him, but he left money, his bus pass, his banking card and his student card."

Yu said he was upset by his roommate's disappearance and added he did not know why Joel would leave without telling anyone. "He isn't like this at all. He'll tell me where he's going and when he's coming home. I just want to know he's okay.

Joel Tayler is 6-feet tall and weighs 200 lbs. He has light brown hair styled in a brush cut, or shaved. Anyone with information should call London Police or Jim Tayler at (519) 336-0975.

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