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Monday, March 21, 2000


Police search for stabbing suspects

Councillors select future Board

Student disappears without a trace

Accusations fly over film-fest

City bars target date rape drugs

Week of crime highlighted by theft



Caught on campus

City bars target date rape drugs

By Nina Chiarelli
Gazette Staff

Date rape and its corresponding drugs have found a new enemy – caring bar owners and their staff.

At least one bar on Richmond Street is trying to prevent both date rape and drinkers from being drugged with a new campaign, which uses coasters and posters to warn of rohypnol and other date rape drugs, said Doogie Brunton, general manager of Molly Bloom's.

"There's quite a danger factor with the drug going around town," he said. "It's a great way to bring awareness, especially with students."

Brunton said the main goal of the campaign was to raise the awareness of his patrons. "They might not think anything of it, but then they see the posters," Brunton said. "I think it should start in the hotels and bars."

Tracey Frizzell, media relations officer for the London Police, said although statistics on the number of sexual assaults occurring in the city were not available, she thought the campaign was a great idea. "It reminds people. It puts it right in their face," she said.

Barbara MacQuarrie, communications and funding co-ordinator for the Sexual Assault Centre London, said she too was pleased to hear about the new campaign.

"It's great that bars are helping us warn women of the risks of date rape," MacQuarrie said. "I think the only other thing bars can do is cultivate an atmosphere where women are respected. It starts with the attitudes of the owners and staff."

University Police Department Const. Wendy McGowan said she was working on a campus poster campaign for the fall.

"I think it's excellent," she said. "Especially in the university setting. It's that age frame when socially, [students] are around the bars."

On campus, Mark Serre, manager of The Spoke and the Wave, said his bars have had signs posted in the bathrooms for the last two years.

"I don't think its much of an issue at Western," he said, adding he was not aware of any incidents involving date rape drugs occurring in his bars.

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