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Wednesday, March 22, 2000


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Cultural Caravan stops in atrium

By Tola Afolabi
Gazette Staff

Western students are recognizing that different is good during a week long Cultural Caravan which includes food fairs and a 15 act culture show.

The caravan, which has been three months in planning, includes 30 organizations and 18 booths in the University Community Centre's atrium, said Ben Zhou, international student commissioner of the caravan. "The purpose is to celebrate the cultural diversity and gain an understanding between cultures," he said.

Western's president Paul Davenport said the celebration of cultural diversity was an integral part of Western's history. "This would be my fifth or sixth year of involvement," he said.

Recognition of cultural diversity was important, Davenport said. "We celebrate the diversity here at the university and the benefit of having students here from different countries."

He added it was timely that the United Nations International Day for the Elimination of Racism happened to take place during this year's Cultural Caravan week.

Zhou said a major highlight of the event was the Elements culture show. "The big event is this Thursday in Conron Hall – the big culture show." He said the show, an annual tradition, was organized by the University Students' Council and its clubs.

The show would include traditional dances and singing, said Nghia Tran, a member of the caravan committee. He added other highlights included a food fair in the UCC CentreSpot today and tomorrow. "People are putting a lot of effort in it," he said.

Perry Monaco, VP-campus issues for the USC, said organizers tried to make this year's caravan more interactive than in past years. "People can have their names written in different languages," he said of the booths in the UCC.

Zhou said he agreed more interaction was one of the committee's goals, adding several booths had set up cultural games.

"It's a wonderful idea to get such a show of different cultures," said fourth-year Huron exchange student Angel Zhao.

Nadia Simpson, a third-year kinesiology and English student, said the caravan was only part of a larger solution. "Cultural Caravan is a step in the right direction. People need diversity not just one day in the year, but 365 – they need to recognize variance," she said.

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